12 Favorites From 2012

2012 was my first profitable year as a photographer. After 9 years of hard work, that was a good thing to achieve. Spending all my free time on my art and music meant the dishes went unwashed in the sink more than a few times--not a good thing! At the end of this year, I thought I hadn't really produced that much in the way of exceptional work this past year; seems like there were a lot of frustrating days. But, looking back, and trying to narrow the images from 2012 to my 12 favorites was not an easy task, and convinced me that at least some of my photography was worthy of the success of last year. So, here are my 12 favorites from 2012!
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2012 marked my first foray into non nature photography. Hey, if Ansel could do it, why not me?
Always good to broaden your artistic perspective. This is Colorado model Alanna Chisholm. Photo © copyright by Stan Rose.

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This is a special photo for me, from southern Kansas in late May. Not only was it my first night time tornado; I took the shot only a few days after a bad car wreck that left me with staples in my head and my hand in a splint, along with a nearly totaled car. So, it symbolizes my philosophy of making the best of a bad situation! Photo © copyright by Stan Rose.

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This was from a trip to Canyonlands in February. Look for it in some calendars in 2014 or 2015... Photo © copyright by Stan Rose.

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Green Mountain Falls is a tiny town, but there is a whole universe to be photographed there--especially in winter! Photo © copyright by Stan Rose.

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I've been trying to get a good fall shot of Sneffels for several years now, and I think I finally succeeded this year. Photo © copyright by Stan Rose.

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I tok a lot of stills for my music videos this year, and this was my favorite. From South Park, Colorado, Living History Days in August. In the bar, of course! Photo © copyright by Stan Rose.

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Didn't go to the Sand Dunes nearly as much this year as in previous years, but of course I had to make my annual sunflower pilgrimage! This was my fav of that trip. Photo © copyright by Stan Rose.

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After my first trip to White Sands a few years back, I vowed to return to get a shot that exemplifies the magic of that place. I think I came close to doing that this time. Photo © copyright by Stan Rose.

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It aint often you get a weekly Editor's pick at Nature Photographers Network, with all the outstanding talent that posts there; so I have to include this shot of thunderstorms in Eastern Colorado. Photo © copyright by Stan Rose.

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My annual winter shot of Zapata Falls, Colorado. If you haven't signed my change.org petition ("Unbolt Zapata Falls") to rid the falls of unsightly cables that were installed this past year--please consider doing so! Photo © copyright by Stan Rose.

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A shot from just a week ago, at Grand Teton. The layer of fog rising off the Sanke River really exemplifies for me the majesty of this area in winter. Photo © copyright by Stan Rose.

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How could I not include my annual shot of Dream Lake in winter, with all that glorious ice and 60 mph winds eating my face?
That's all folk! Have a great 2013!! Photo © copyright by Stan Rose.