About the Photographer

My love of nature and art began at a very early age. I began painting in grade school, and my favorite subjects to paint were the landscapes that I found in scenic calendars. In college, I studied Fine Art and expanded my appreciation of art under the tutelage of renowned print master Dan Welden. My interest in photography came from carrying a point-n-shoot film camera on hikes and climbs in the mountains. When I moved to Northern California in 2002, I bought my first DSLR and became more serious about my hobby. In 2005, I received an honorable mention in the Banff Mountain Photography Competition, the only amateur to win, and that inspired me to work even harder on my photography skills. Since then, I have received numerous awards and my work has appeared in venues around the globe. I am the author of several books, most recently The Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve, published by Sklyine Press. My e-book on Weather Forecasting for Photographers is a steady seller. My goal as a photographer is to capture brief moments of time, and freeze them for an eternity, so that we can experience that special moment and realize the great joy that life brings to us. I am also passionate about preservation and conservation of our wild natural areas, and hope that my photography inspires us to take an active role in saving this great planet.

In 2016, I resigned from my day job, a forecaster for the National Weather Service for 14 years, and I am now a full-time artist and photographer living in Colorado Springs, Colorado. In the spring of 2019, I opened a gallery at the Hillside Shopping Center in Sedona, Arizona.

Sedona Gallery: 671 Highway 179 (south of town, directly below the Hudson restaurant at Suite D CT-3)


1) I always leave a natural environment better than when I entered it. This means picking up at least one piece of trash (which, unfortunately is everywhere, even in wilderness areas) and practicing leave-no-trace principles.

2) I always ask for permission before entering non-public land. I adhere to the rules and regulations in place. I stay on designated trails when possible.

3) I don't disturb natural environments. I respect wildlife and do not intrude on their space whenever it would cause distress. I dont move or change natural scenery.

4) I don't publicize the locations of fragile landscapes that are likely to be harmed by increased visitation.

5) I respect other people in a landscape and don't allow my photography to interfere with their rights to be in a scene or environment. I practice courtesy with other photographers and share my space with them. I don't knowingly interfere with someone else's shot. I avoid putting myself or others at any risk through my behavior.

6) I appreciate and create digital art, but I believe it is important to present natural landscapes are they are and not as some idealistic creation of my imagination. So, unless otherwise stated my photos are not significantly altered in processing; my goal is to allow the viewer to experience the scene as I experienced it.