Customized Weather Forecasts and Storm Chasing Tours

CUSTOMIZED FORECASTS: I am offering personalized custom weather forecasts designed specifically for the photographer or outdoor enthusiast. Forecasts will generally be billed at $50 an event/day but pricing will depend on the extent of information requested. Contact me with your specific needs.

It is not enough to the photographer or outdoor enthusiast to know whether it will be "partly cloudy" or clear, or what the chance of rain or snow is. They need to know what type of clouds are expected, where in the sky they will be, the timing of clouds or precipitation, and how quickly it will begin or end. Phenomena such as sunsets, fog, rainbows, lightning etc are rarely forecast well in publicly available forecasts. As a professional photographer (14+ years experience) and professional meteorologist (20 years experience, including 14 years as a meteorologist with the National Weather Service) I am uniquely qualified to offer custom forecasts and consultation to the photographer. I wrote the premiere E-book on the subject. Whether you are interested in learning to forecast the weather yourself, or simply need immediate help with the forecast, let me be your go-to source of information. Pricing includes unlimited real-time updates via phone or email for the event.

STORM CHASING: I have decided to offer one or more storm chasing tours designed for the photographer next Spring, 2018. Please Contact me using my contact form if you are interested in being added to my list.

I have been a storm chaser for over 20 years, and I began chasing before the advent of cell phones and GPS. My credentials are equal to any of the best professional chase tours currently in business. I have an M.S. in Atmospheric Science from the University of Washington, and have published several papers on Severe Weather and Tornado forecasting in major scientific journals.  I have personally seen dozens of tornadoes (I don't keep count!) over the past couple of decades. I successfully ran the company Twister Tours several years ago. 2018 tours will tentatively depart from Denver, Colorado, generally as On-Demand chasing for those with a flexible schedule. This is a good opportunity for a high chance at seeing violent weather and tornadoes. On-Demand will be fixed at $200 per day, which will cover all transportation and chasing costs. Longer tours may be scheduled in the last half of May through the first half of June.