Weather Forecasting For Photographers - Ebook

I am a professional meteorologist with an M.S. in atmospheric science, with over ten years experience forecasting the weather for the National Weather Service. In recent years, I've tried to make use of my skills as a forecaster as my photography hobby has grown into a business. The success or failure of my landscape photography is often closely tied to my success in forecasting unique or dramatic weather conditions. For just a small sample of weather-related photos, see my Atmospheric Gallery by following the Gallery link at the top of this page.

A number of photographers have asked me to write a book on the subject of weather forecasting--so here it is! I spent a good portion of a year writing it, time I could have been at the pub, so I tried to make this as affordable as possible while compensating myself for the many hours it took to produce. I think the result is a definitive text on a very unique subject. The book is over 110 pages of information, and includes the following topics among others:

  • How accurate are forecasts?
  • How to read and interpret weather maps and charts.
  • How to identify, forecast, and photograph clouds.
  • How to photograph lightning.
  • How to photograph fog.
  • How to photograph great sunrises and sunsets.
  • How to forecast precipitation.
  • Storm chasing.
  • Radar and satellite interpretation.

...and much more! I tried to strike a balance between the pretty pictures and general tips, and the more technical stuff. Contributing photographers include Erik Stensland and Todd Caudle, two of the best outdoor photographers in Colorado, and Mike Holingshead, a professional storm/weather photographer (who recently had a photo on the front page of National Geographic--congrats, Mike!) I hope you find this book useful to your hobby or career! -Stan Rose