Fall 2013, Part II: Tetons and Perpetual Snow

Grand Teton,september

Grand September : Prints Available

A September storm clears at sunset over the Tetons.

I left Aspen and headed north to Jackson Hole, to wait out a three-day snowstorm that I hoped would bring some moody conditions to Grand Teton National Park. While waiting for the storm to clear (it never really did) I hiked around in the new snow that was falling; it kept most people off the trails and the park was nice and peaceful without the crowds. It wasn’t very cold in the valley, so most of the snow was melting on the ground, but it coated the vegetation in a slushy blanket.

Schwabacher,Grand Teton,snow

First Snow at Schwabacher : Prints Available

September snowfall at Schwacher’s Landing.

Grand Teton,autumn

Bending Autumn : Prints Available

September snowfall in the Tetons.

The storm briefly took a break at sunset, enabling me to take a few shots of the range as clouds swirled around the peak. The following morning I headed up Signal Mountain in hopes of getting above the light snow that was still falling in the valley. It was cold and raw, and never did clear out, but the light occasionally lead to some striking scenes of the valley and distant peaks.

Signal Overlook : Prints Available

A Fall Signal : Prints Available

With little hope of the snow and rain ever quitting, I roamed around the park and looked for opportunities to take some shots of the wildlife and ever-changing scenery. It wasn’t the stuff of postcards, but there’s only one first real snowfall of the season, and it was nice to be a part of it in one of our nicest National Parks.

Grand Teton,moose

Meese-Wilson : Prints Available

A couple moose during an early snowfall in the Tetons.

Part III–After the snow!

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