Last Chase

Kansas,Sharon Springs,ligthtning,sunset

Electric Transitions : Prints Available

Lightning at sunset, east of Sharon Springs, KS.

A couple weeks ago, I had one last chance to get out to the plains in hopes of catching a tornado this season. But, as the trend was all season, I chased some supercells that were tornado-warned, but just couldn’t get the right combo of ingredients to produce the elusive twister. After putting in another 600 miles or so of driving, out to west-central Kansas and back, the highlight of the trip was an electric storm that really intensified as the sun set. All of my ‘keepers’ were shot in that short time right before sunset to about half hour afterwards.

Shocking Brown II : Prints Available

Great light show in west Kansas

Electric Farming : Prints Available

Interesting stormy scene.

Red Skies at Night : Prints Available

Incredible Sunset in western Kansas.

Was it worth a long day of driving? I dunno, but it was a pretty cool sunset, and a nice light show! I may have to head back out in August for my annual sunflower-and-lightning shoot.


Shocking Brown : Prints Available

Interesting colors after sunset with tornadic storm in the distance.

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I am a full time landscape and nature photographer based out of Flagstaff, Arizona. I opened my first gallery at Hillside, Sedona in May 2019, and am currently concentrating on the unique landscapes of Northern Arizona.
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5 Responses to Last Chase

  1. Stan, your storm work is epic as usual!

  2. Nicolaus Wegner says:

    Some wicked shots in there Stan. Storms do bring the best sunsets don’t they? Can never catch enough lightning. Great stuff.

    Last chase? Awww, there has to be a couple more down your way the next month or two. We’re going to be hanging out in Moorcroft to Belle Fourche area today…the next couple of days in WY/MT/SD. That nifty HRRR you showed me is predicting a large cell around the Devil’s Tower/Black Hills area. Curious to see if it happens. This same day last year I saw two supercells on a SPC 5% probability day. You never know…

    We’re is that time lapse by the way? ;]

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