The Ice Caves

Frozen Tomb : Prints Available

View from inside an ice cave, Rifle Mountain Park.

Every winter, I try to make one or two trips to the ice caves in Rifle Mountain Park, a unique area in northwest Colorado. The park is best known for its world class ice and rock climbing, but I like it for the great photo opportunities. Every year the flow of ice is a bit different due to weather and the pattern of thaw and freeze cycles. There’s always something new to photograph.

Icy Tooth : Prints Available

Chillin' Out : Prints Available

Ice Warp : Prints Available

Strange Ice formation in an ice cave.

This year, my trip in mid-March was marked by very little snow, but lots of ice thanks to all the warm days and cold nights. I found some real interesting ice formations. I also shot some timelapse for a music video that I’ve been working on all winter. That will be next post! 😉

About Stan Rose

I am a full time landscape and nature photographer based out of Flagstaff, Arizona. I opened my first gallery at Hillside, Sedona in May 2019, and am currently concentrating on the unique landscapes of Northern Arizona.
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2 Responses to The Ice Caves

  1. Patrick Wahl says:

    When I saw the title, I thought you had gone all the way up to Minnesota (oops, Wisconsin). I had to be up there for some personal stuff in early March, so my brother and I went to the ice caves on Lake Superior, very cool (not to mention quite cold), only accessible when Lake Superior freezes, which happens only every 10 years or so. I didn’t know Colorado had its own ice caves.

    Here is a shot that looks a bit like a mirror image of yours, but from the Lake Superior caves.

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